Tentative Schedule

The “Aistra Šokiui Cup 2013” competition will take place on 4th of May, Saturday, in Hall of Kaunas Karininkų Ramovė (Mickevičiaus st. 19, Kaunas).

Tentative Schedule

13.00 – Commemorating 10th anniversary of the dance studio  “Aistra Šokiui”
14.00 – The “Aistra Šokiui Cup 2013″ competition start

Detailed tentative schedule (LT, PDF).


A. Solo Latino (line dances)
B. Couples


A. Solo Latino (line dances):

  1. Beginners level (dancing up to 1 year). Dances: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Salsa.
  2. Advanced level (dancing more than 1 year). Dances: Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Salsa.

B. Couples:

  1. Beginners level (Slow Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba) – general program
  2. Bronze medal (Standard dances: SW, T, Q; Latin dances: Ch, R, J)
  3. Silver medal (Standard dances: SW, T, VW, Q; Latin dances: S, Ch, R, J
  4. Gold medal (Standard dances: SW, T, VW, Q; Latin dances: S, Ch, R, J)
  5. Open class (Standard dances: SW, T, VW, SF, Q; Latin dances: S, Ch, R, P, J)

Age divisions

Adults (up to 35 years old) and seniors (over 35 years old)

Dance figures

Free dance program for line dancers; for the couple dancers of beginners, bronze and silver levels – standard figures only, postures and lines are not allowed. No restrictions for gold medalists and open class.


Competition clothes for gold level and open class couples only.

Ticket prices to the “Aistra Šokiui Cup 2013” competition can be found at tickets information.

Detailed information about the competition can also be found in the competition flyer (PDF).

Please confirm your participation till 27th of April, 2013!!!